Product #: 577010

Weight: 0.12


Great for removing soot, smoke damage, smears and smudges on any surface where water cannot be used (ceiling tile, walls, doors, etc.) One sponge will clean approximately 500 square feet. Works on acostical tile ceilings, latex walls, cabinetry, furniture, etc. Dimensions: 6" long x 3" wide x 1-5/8" thick. Individually wrapped. Instructions for use: The chemical dry cleaning sponge may be used to wipe virtually any surface. Primarily it is used on items that may be damaged by other types of cleaning chemcials and methods, such as silk wallpaper, antique furniture, light fixtures, painted walls, ceiling tiles, etc. Use the sponge to gently remove dirt, soot, smoke and grime from delicate surfaces. Use wherever water-based cleaners will not work. The sponge wears slowly down a bit like a pencil eraser as you work. It will get dirty, of course, so change sides often to use a fresher surface. The sponge will “load up” with grime. It is possible to rinse it out once or twice with clear water to stretch the life of the sponge. In general, each sponge will cover about 500 square feet before disposal is required, but that also depends on how great the level of smoke or soot damage is. Be sure to purchase enough sponges for the job!

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